Curriculum Vitae

  Anni Rapinoja lives and works in Hailuoto

Education and professional training

1995 Advanced training in Enviromental Art, Imatra Art School
1974–1988 Art courses
1974 MA, Faculty of Science, University of Oulu


  Finnish Association of Sculptors
  Oulu Artists Society

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Nature of Man
, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa, Finland
2015 Wardrobe of Nature, ARTag-galleria, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Another Side of Europe – portraits, Gallery Huone N:o 8, Hailuoto, Finland
2013 Another Side of Europe – photographs, Gallery Luoto, Hailuoto, Finland
2012 Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland
2011 Wardrobe of Nature, Arte Sella, Malga Costa, Italy
2011 Naturally, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki, Finland
2009–2010 San Paolo Albenese with Finnish eyes – photographs, Gallery Commune San Paolo Albanese, Italy
2009–2010 Cameradrawings, Regional Art Museum Oulu – touring exhibition
2007 Wardrobe of Nature, Antiruggine, Castelfranco, Italy
2007 Gallery Colmio, Oulu, Finland
2007 Wardrobe of Nature, Galleria Spazi Rossi, Arte Sella – Contemporain Art Center of Nature, Borgo Valsugana, Italy
2007 K.H. Renlund Museum, Kokkola, Finland
2006 Wardrobe of Nature, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki, Finland
2005 Naturens Garderob, Gallery Stefan Anderson, Umeå, Sweden
2003 Phragmites australis, Gallery Valööri, Helsinki, Finland
1999 Gallery Art & Weise, Wien, Austria
1998 Gallery Becker, Jyväskylä, Finland
1998 Gallery Valööri, Helsinki, Finland
1997 Hailuoto Library, Finland
1997 Gallery Saskia, Tampere, Finland
1996 Gallery Harmaja, Oulu, Finland
1996 Bror Hjort -hus Museum, Uppsala, Sweden
1996 Galleri Konstepidemin, Göteborg, Sweden
1993 Gallery Vapauden Aukio, Helsinki, Finland
1993 Hailuoto Library, Finland
1993 Arktinen Galleria, Oulu, Finland
1992 Arktinen Galleria, Oulu, Finland
1991 Kriittinen Tila, Helsinki, Finland
1989 Oulu Art Museum, Finland
1989 Gallery Saskia, Tampere, Finland
1989 Tornio City Library, Finland
1987 P´Art Gallery, Oulu, Finland
1987 Gallery Saskia, Tampere, Finland
1984 Hailuoto Library, Finland
1984 Raahe City Library, Finland
1981 Ylivieska Library, Finland
1981 Liminka Library, Finland
1980 Liminka Library, Finland

Group Exhibitions

2016 THE SECOND SKIN, Museum Sinclair Haus, Bad Homburg, Germany
2016 Nature of Man, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art
, Vaasa, Finland
2016 Tillbaka till Naturen, The Nordic Gardens 2016
, Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm, Sverige
2016 Kaisu's Choice, Oulu Museum of Art OMA, 
Oulu, Finland
2016 Five rooms – Viisi huonetta, Kajaani art museum, Kajaani, Finland
2015–2016 Opdagelser, Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Kettinge, Danmark
2015 Five rooms – Viisi huonetta, South Karelia museum, Lappeenranta, Finland
2014 Nature and More, Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany
2014 One Celebration! Emil Aaltonen museum, Tampere, Finland
2014 Where are you from? Vaasa Arthall, Finland
2014 Where are you from? Seinäjoki Arthall, Finland

Echoes of Eco – Winter Festival of Arts, included in the culture program of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Sochi Theatre, Russia

2013–2014 Kiasma Hits, Kiasma – Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland
2013 To Island, Finnish Sea Museum, Kotka, Finland
2013 To Island, Annantalo, Helsinki, Finland
2013 To Island, Valve Gallery, Culturehouse Valve, Oulu, Finland
2013 Kui? Textil Art Triennal, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
2012 Kui? Textil Art Triennal, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku, Finland
2012 SNOWBALLEFFECT – Northern Finland Biennal, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
2012 Retretti, Punkaharju, Finland
2012 Arctic Hystery, State Museum and Exhibition Centre for Photography – ROSPHOTO, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 Ecologic Country, Lahti Art Museum, Finland
2012 Garderobe of Nature – photographs, MOT Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
2011 Taju - An Event of Contemporary Art, Hyvinkää Art Museum, Finland
2011 Nature Gives – Nature Takes, Kajaani Art Museum, Finland
2011 Nature Gives – Nature Takes, K.H. Renlund Museum, Kokkola, Finland
2010 Biodiversity Art exhibition – Ethical Fashion Show, Docks-en-Seine, Paris, France
2010 Arctic Heat, Art from North-Finland and Lapponia, Finland-Institute, Berlin, Germany
2010 Close to Nature, Current Finnish Art, KunstLANDing, Aschaffenburg e.V. Germany
2010 Arctic Hysteria, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa, Finland
2010 Highlights – 100th Anniversary of Association of Finnish Sculptors, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku, Finland
2010 Nature gives – Nature takes, Salo Art Museum, Finland
2010 Forecast: Warmer – The Climate Change in Visual Arts, Joensuu Art Museum, Finland
2010 Histeria Artica, DA2 Domus Artium 2002, Salamanca, Spain
2009 Arctic Hysteria, Art Hall, Helsinki, Finland
2009 Fly me to the Moen, 44 Moen, Denmark
2009 Summer Exhibition, Taidekeskus KulttuuriKauppila, Ii, Finland
2009 Sense of Ecology, Mänttä Art weeks XIV, Mänttä, Finland
2009 Farmers Dream, Salo Art Museum, Finland
2009 Northern Life – Finnish Art and Design, Medium Art Centre, Haidian District, Peking, China
2009 Sarkvidéki Hisztéria – Arctic Hysteria, Ludwig Múzeum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary
2009 Irreverent: Contemporary Nordic Craft Art, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. California, USA
2008 Artists and Innovators for the Enviroment, Streaming Museum New York, USA. (Exhibition was on seven Continents 3.10.2008 – 3.4.2009)
2008 4 artist was invited from Artists and Innovators for the Enviroment -exhibition and were featured on the BBC´s Big Screens in 17 cities throught the UK during the October
2008 Arctic Hysteria, MoMA P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, USA
2008 Supernaturale, Gallery Brancolinigrimaldi Artecontemporanea, Firenze, Italy
2008 Une certaine Finlande, Gallerie Sztuki BWA, Wroclaw, Poland
2008 Une certaine Finlande, The center of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko, Poland
2007 PEWNA FINLANDIA, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice, Poland
2007 Art for Sustainability, Lunds Stadshall, Sweden
2007 Art for Sustainability, Galleria Abbekås, Abbekås, Sweden
2007 Summer Exhibition, PURNU, Orivesi, Finland
2006 Plants in Contemporary Art, Festival Couleur Café, Bruxelles, Belgium
2006 Art in The City, organizer BWA-gallery in Bydgoszcz, Poland
2006 Far-Off deceitful world, Saarijärvi Art Museum, Finland
2006 Halikonlahti Green Art Trilogy, Salo Art Museum, Finland
2006 Ihme, Regional exhibition of Oulu Province, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
2005 Une certaine Finlande, Atelier 340 Muzeum, Bryssel, Belgium
2004 Beached brushes – Artists and Hailuoto Island, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
2004 Vaiheilla 04 – Visual Art in Villilä, TV and Film Centre of Western Finland, Nakkila, Finland
2004 Yhteinen Maa (Shared Land), Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku, Finland
2003 Luleå Summer Biennal, Norrbotten Museum, Museum Park and Art House, Sweden
2003 Yhteinen Maa (Shared Land), Contemporary and Applied Art of the Northern Peoples, Sami Museum Siida, Inari, Finland
2003 Summer – Old and Contemporary Visual Art, Kerava Art Museum, Finland
2003 Siltojen välissä (Between Bridges), Enviroment Art Exhibition, Jämsä, Finland
2003 Summer Exhibition, Kivipankki-Gallery, Jämsä, Finland
2003 Yhteinen Maa (Shared Land), The Gallen-Gallela Museum, Espoo, Finland
2002 Regional Exhibition of Oulu Province,  Art Hall Kajaani, Finland
2002 Regional Exhibition of Oulu Province, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
2002 Maasta käsin (Earth Keepers), Oulu Art Museum, Finland
2002 Girls, Gallery 5, Oulu, Finland
2001 Mänttä Art Weeks, Honkahovi Art Centre, Mänttä, Finland
2001 Berenice´s Hair, RMIT Project Space and Spare Room, Faculty of Art, Design and Communication Gallery RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
2000 Sechs Himmelsrichtungen, Galleria Station 3, Wien, Austria
2000 Art Hailuoto, Hailuoto School Centre, Finland
2000 Palapeli, (Jigsaw Puzzle), Oulu Art Museum, Finland
1999 Berenice´s Hair, Gallery Otso, Espoo, Finland
1999 Berenice´s Hair, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Finland
1998 Summer Exhibition, Honkahovi Art Centre, Mänttä, Finland
1998 Gallery Art & Weise, Wien, Austria
1996 Art in Suitcases, Jyväskylä, Finland / Lillehammer, Norway / Svolvaer, Norway
1995 Art in Suitcases, Luleå, Sweden / Vilnius, Lithuania / Gallery Täysikuu, Rovaniemi, Finland
1995 Regional Exhibition of Oulu Province, Kajaani Art Museum, Finland
1994 Summer Exhibition of the Oulu Artists Society, Linnansaari, Oulu, Finland
1993 Laituri, Gallery Mosabacka, Helsinki, Finland
1991 Lama, Yorth and Culture Centre NUKU, Oulu, Finland
1991 Summer Exhibition of the SKjL Association, Forssa, Finland
1991 Rantalakeuden Talavivalakia Exhibition, Liminka Art School, Finland
1990 Exhibition of the Oulu Artists Society, Seinäjoki Art Hall, Finland
1990 52nd Annual Exhibition of the SKjL Association, Poleeni Cultural Centre, Pieksämäki, Finland
1990 Madetoja weeks exhibition, 2 artist in Madetoja Hall green room, Oulu, Finland
1990 Exhibition of the Oulu Artists Society, Art Centre Gävle, Sweden
1989 Nordkalottens Höstsalong, Arcus Hall,  Luleå, Sweden
1989 Drawing Exhibition, Skellefteå, Sweden
1988 Five Artists from Oulu, Museum of Russian Art, Odessa, Soviet Union
1987 Nordkalottens Höstsalong, Arcus Hall, Luleå, Sweden
1987 Annual Exhibition of Art from Oulu, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
1985 Exhibition of the Oulu Artists Society, Taidepiste, Oulu, Finland
1983 Exhibition of the Oulu Artists Society, Rovaniemi Library, Finland
1982 Summer Exhibition of the Oulu Artists Society, Lampi Museum, Liminka, Finland
1981 Regional Exhibition of Oulu Province, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
1981 Annual Exhibition of Art from Oulu, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
1979 Young Artists Exhibition, Art Hall, Helsinki, Finland

Other professional activities

2011 Workers, wood ant, video 5 min, part of the project of See the ants of Turku and Turku cultural main city program 2011, SOK-screen on Turku marketplace 2.5.–31.8.
2005 Microcosmos Big Bang -video, VALOSTA -videoart happening 14.–22.11. Tampereen Marketplace, Finland
2001 Message... –art work, Hailuoto Library, Finland
2001 Natural Cupboard, cupboard of works of art touring day-care centres, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
2000 Till Versai (garden) -land art piece, National Local Heritage Conference, Hailuoto, Finland
1998 Earthsun -land art work, International forest sculpture symposium Veistossonaatti, Varjakka island, Oulunsalo, Finland
1996 Set design, Gian-Carlo Menotti: (opera) Amahl and the Night Visitors, Kemi Snow Castle, Finland
1995 Bothnia Sea Scape Art Workshop, tilateos Temppeli jäästä yhteistyössä Karoliina Niemelän kanssa, torinranta, Oulu, Finland
1994 Set Design, Oliver Kohlenberg: (opera) You and the Coconut Tree, Kajaani Music Centre, Finland
1994 Spatial art work Bar Matangi to Elan in collaboration Oliver Kohlenberg (music) and Sari Lievonen (dance), Youth and Culture Centre, Oulu, Finland
1993 Installation – performance Bodyscape in collaboration with dancer Sari Lievonen, Kattilankalla Island, Finland
1993 Spatial art work – performance Marja Niemi, statement against the unesthetic development of Marjaniemi port at Hailuoto and its effects on the enviroment, in collaboration with Sari Lievonen, Gallery Rannanmatala, Oulu, Finland

Scholarships, stipends and awards

2016 EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art, 10 year anniversary - communal idea of art contest win with the idea: Puusta pudonneet – Drop from the tree
2011–2012  Ministry of Education and Culture, Wardrobe of Nature -product development project
2009–2013 Arts Council of Finland, 5 year artist scholarship
2009  Oulu Province Art Award
2008  Finnish Association of Sculptors – Atelier Foundation, International Artist Exchange Program Basel, Austria, ½ year
2007  Arts Council of Finland, Public Display Grand to Visual Art
2007  Arts Council of Finland, exhibition costs
2005  Finnish-Swedish Culture Foundation, catalog printing costs
2005  Frame, catalog printing costs
2004–2006  Arts Council of Finland, 3 year scholarship
2002  Arts Council of Finland, travel grant
2002  Arts Council of Finland, Public Display Grand to Visual Art
2002  Alfred Kordelin Foundation, for working
2001  Arts Council of Finland, travel grant
2001  Finnish Cultural Foundation, North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund, for working
2001  Oulun Saskiat ry, stipend
2000  Arts Council of Finland, travel grant
1999  Arts Council of Finland, travel grant
1999  Frame
1998  Oulu Province Art Commission
1998  Best Artwork of Exhibition, Gallery Art & Weise, Wien
1997  The Finnish Deafblind Association, Sculpture of Year -award
1997  North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund
1996  Nordic Art Association in Finland, Konstepidemin, Göteborg,  ½ year
1995  Finnish-Swedish Culture Foundation
1993  Oulu Province Art Commission
1990  North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund
1988  Oulu Province Art Commissio
1987  Oulun Saskiat
1983  North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund

Works in following collections


City of Vaasa, Kiasma – Museum of Contemporary Art, Arte Pollino Basilicata region San Paolo Albanese Italy, Vehbi Koc Foundation Istanbul Turkey, Wihuri Foundation, Saastamoinen Foundation, Finnish State Collections, Swedish State Collections, Oulu Art Museum, Goethenburg Art Museum, Vesterås konstmuseum, Norrbotten Province – Sweden, Gävle konstcentrum, Umeå municipality, Landstinget Gävleborg, Landstinget Västerbotten, Landstinget Värmland, Konst Gävleborgs Landsting, Landstinget Västernorrland, Landstinget Örebro, Landstinget Vesterås, Landstinget Jönköping, City of Oulunsalo, Liminka municipality, Hailuoto municipality

Enviromental and public Art Works

2010  Skycleaner, material: ginestra plant, Arte Pollino Project, San Paolo Albanese, Italy
2003  Care, material: concrete, Technological Center, Oulu, Finland
2003 Message, material: concrete, Technological Center, Oulu, Finland

Publications & Interviews

15.07.2012 Helsingin Sanomat, s. B3, Täällä olen se mikä olen
29.01.2010 Suomen Luonto No:1, s. 68–69, Puolukanlehtikengissä
2010 IkäPlus No:1, s. 83–85, Luovuus kumpuaa elämästä
26.11.2009 Kaleva, s.16, Taivaan siivooja luutii Italian taivasta
07.10.2009 Kansan Tahto, s. 6–7, Pienen hetken suuruus    
2009 Kulttuurihaitari No:3, s. 24–27, Työskentelyä luonnon armoilla   
2009 Taito No:4, s. 12–18, Kasvokkain
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29.09.2008 Sanomalehti Kaleva, Culture, s.12, Taiteilija luonnon suojeluksessa
2008 Arctic Hysteria, TranceState of Contemporary Finnish Art P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, June 1 – September 15, 2008 s. 22, 92–97
2008 Taide-lehti No:2, s.51–52, Betonin luonto
26.03.2008 Corriere Della Sera / Fiorentino s.14, Italy
2008 Casamica No:3,  s. 49–50, Italy
21.08.2007 Newspaper Kaleva, Tänään – Anni Rapinojan riippuva puutarha, s. 28
03.07.2007 Maalla No:3, s. 72–77, Maasta kasvanut koti
2007 Read Up on Reed, edited by Iiro Ikonen and Eija Hagelberg, Turku 2007 Southwest Finland Regional Enviroment Centre, s.88–89
2007 Pewna Finlandia – Une Certaine Finlande – A certain Finland – Muuan Suomi, BWA Katowice, Atelier Muzeum 340 Beuxelles
  Art For Sustainability, Galleri Abbekås, s.14–15, Grahns Tryckeri, Lund, Sweden
13.11.2006 YLE TV1, Kotimaan kasvot, Kauhean kaunista
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03.06.2005 Newspaper Kaleva, Viikko Kaleva, Luovuuden Luoto
2004 YLE TV2 Itämeren helmet, osa 5 Hailuoto, edit. Petteri Saario
2004 Pensselit Santaan – Kuvataiteilijoiden Hailuoto, s. 43–45, edit. Elina Vieru, Oulu Art Museum
19.09.2004 Newspaper Kaleva, Viikko Kaleva, Syksyinen luonto kutsuu keruuretkelle
2004 Kotipuutarha No:8, s.10–11
2003 Luleå sommarbiennal, s. 98, 119, 123
2003 Pinx – Maalaustaide Suomessa, osa Tarinankertojia, s. 95, Weiling&Göös
2002 Pinx – Maalaustaide Suomessa, osa Maalta Kaupunkiin, s. 53, Weiling&Göös
2002 Maasta käsin, edit. Elina Vieru, s. 38–47, Oulun Art Museum
2003 Yhteinen Maa – Gemensamt Land – A Land Shared, edit. Kerttu Karvonen, Kannas, Anne Pelin, Tuija Wahlroos, publisher: Gallen-Kallela Museum, s. 151
2003 Taito No:2, s. 46–49
2003 Kaltio No:5, s. 205–208
2003 Luonnonsuojelija No:2, s. 20
2003 Ympäristö 5, s. 16–17
2002 Suomen Kuvalehti 29, Kohtaamiset, Maan ääniä, s. 46–47
22.01.2000 Newspaper Kaleva, Viikkokaleva, Luonnosta löytyvät kuvien ainekset
1999 Bereniken Hiukset – Berenice's Hair – Coma Berenices, Leena Lohiniva, Rovaniemi Art Museum, s. 65–75
02.01.1997 YLE1, Etsin metsästä katoavaa kauneutta, edit. Riitta Vauras
18.08.1996 Dagens Nyheter, Anni skapar konst av kottar och älgskit


Helsingin Sanomat, Humus on muuttuva ketju